On Gingrich’s Announcement

“We Americans are going to have to talk together, work together, find solutions together and insist on imposing those solutions on those forces that don’t want to change.” – Newt Gingrich, campaign announcement.

There’s been nearly nothing said or written in criticism of these words by the Republican Party’s Idea Man… “Insist on imposing”? Can you imagine the reaction Fox News would have if those words were uttered by Barack Obama?

Aside from the fact that if you look at Gingrich’s entire body of work he’s been wrong more often than he’s been right, what does this say about the man’s idea of freedom? Liberty? Democracy? Hell, what does this say about his idea of America?


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  1. Wait, are you talking about Gingrich? Or Obama? You remember, the one who insisted on imposing the Healthcare Obamanation on all of us? The one who has imposed more new regulations on Americans in his first two years as president that any other before him? The one who has nationalized private corporations? The one who disregards the Constitution at nearly every turn?Shall I go on? I’ve got a list. Or, maybe I’ll just ask now, what is Obama’s vision for America? Because it certainly has little to nothing to do with the Constitutional Republic any of us were born into.

    Now, I’m not a bit fan of Gingrich’s, especially with some of the comments he made today, but I hardly think that someone who has turned a blind eye to the Messi..Sorry, the President’s excesses for the past two years is in much of a position to ask the questions you are asking.

    • It is also prudent to point out, Gingrich suggested that he would work with the American people to get their ideas and then to impose those ideas on the D.C. politicians who don’t want to change.

      This is far different from what Obama does,to take ideas from his political agenda, and impose them on an unwilling American people.

      Gingirch propose to act according to representative government. Obama acts according to the tenets of stateism. Persoanlly, I prefer representation.

  2. themadjewess

    Gingrich -another leftist as is Bonehead, the weeper of the house.
    PATHETIC people now occupy all avenues of this govt.

  3. Just shows how far-right the country has become when Gingrich is seen as too liberal. Ronald Reagan couldn’t win a primary in today’s world.

    • I suspect you are right about Ronald Reagan having a hard time being nominated in by today’s Republican Party, but not because the party has turned hard right, but because it has been drifting further and further left over the past 20 years or so. The powers that be in the party would have a hard time supporting someone as conservative as a Reagan.

      And that is why you are seeing a conservative groundswell in America. Led by the Tea Party and other groups, a huge number of Americans feel abandoned by the Republican Party. Looking at both the Republican and Democrat parties, both are pro big government, both are pro-regulation which damages us economically and further tramples on our liberties, and both parties support left leaning politicians for the top spots of power.

      Is it any wonder that many Americans are so anti-Gingrich? He represents the establishment, to many people, exactly what we are fighting against.

      All that being said, I am supporting Herman Cain for President. He is a fresh voice, an outsider, and his solutions are very common sense.

      He has reasonably conservative positions on major issues (http://www.hermancain.com/the-issues) and I believe he is very electable, and early polling seems to bear this out.

  4. Just shows how far-right the country has become when Gingrich is seen as too liberal<<Kip, it is not 'far right' that you are having an issue with, it is patriotism and love for America and the Constitution that you are having a problem with.

    Gingrich is a liberal. He is not patriotic, he does not care about the CONSTITUTION, period.

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